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Neil Patel AMP

Web development for Neil Patel's Advanced Marketing Program

Neil Patel AMP

E-legance team was hired by our partner Neil Patel to develop a custom wordpress-based training platform called “Advanced Marketing Program” or Neil Patel’s AMP. AMP is 12 months online course learning it’s student to the basics, best practices & hacks of online marketing. We’ve developed it with WordPress Core (which deals with content management part), Memberium plugin for membership relations an InfusionSoft which deals with the payments/renewals, releasing content and the rest of the automation around the program. The portal has fully responsive front-end and you can use it on any device. Each of the courses contain video/audio and presentational content.

Neil Patel AMP web design by e-legance


Neil Patel AMP mobile version design Mobile design
Neil Patel AMP responsive website design Tablet optimized version


Neil Patel AMP web site development Web developer of Neil Patel AMP Responsive web design