Warrior Trading Website redesign, development & wordpress integration
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Web desing & Wordpres development for Warrior Trading

About Warrior Trading Website

We were challenged to redesign and develop the website of Warrior Trading. They are one of the leading day trading gigs nowadays their website offers chat room and coaching platform for day trading. We had to design unique user experience showing the benefits of learning how to day trade with Warrior Trading. Also we designed a lot of sales pages for different markets/services and products that WT are selling. The whole website is driven by custom wordpress theme which we developed in less than 3 weeks. Front-end is fully mobile&tablet optimized. If you are willing to learn day trading – don’t miss the chance to join WT’s team.


WarriorTrading.com mobile version design Mobile design
WarriorTrading.com responsive website design Tablet optimized version


WarriorTrading.com web site development Web developer of WarriorTrading.com Responsive web design